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A sacred gathering space          soulful sisterhood



with other women like you?

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself and your true purpose?
Her Sanctuary is a sacred space to connect with yourself and other women. It's an online and in-person membership community that combines sacred practice, feminine spirituality, and sisterhood. We gather to remember our truth and rise as the women we are called to be. 

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Dear Woman, 

I see You.

You are a soulful woman committed to living your truth, and you on a mission to lead a more authentic life. You are devoted to your family, work, and community. You are ready to unleash your impact and purpose into the world, the problems is, you get lost in all the responsibilities and expectations of life. You too easily fall back into patterns of self-sacrifice and self-doubt.

You long for quiet space where you can turn down the noise and expectations around you, and hear your own voice. You dream of having time to yourself to lay down whatever you are carrying, and simply listen to your truth. 

You are a spiritual seeker. You've been on a growth journey for a while, and you crave deep conversations with people who get it. Real talk. You are no longer interested in the surface. You want depth.

You dream of a community of women, a sisterhood who speaks your language. A place to call home. A place to let go of all the weight you carry.

Welcome home Sister, you are not alone.




—  LAURA, mother and grandmother

We need a sacred home to call our own.

We need a sacred home to call our own.

does this feel like you?


You are longing for more. You want more life, more ease, more health, more connection, more depth, more joy, and more authenticity. You want to bring your purpose into the world and be more of your true self.


You feel isolated and alone. It's hard to find like-minded women and community that feels real. These last few years have taken a toll, and you need true connection.


You feel disconnected from yourself. From your body, your voice, your truth, your purpose, your power. You often forget who you are, and you want to remember.


You want to feel more peace and calm. Being fully present, connected, and experiencing the deliciousness of your life is non-negotiable for you, you just need the space to practice and drop in.

an invitation to connect...

Collectively we are starved for authentic, soulful, connection. But connection is where we find inspiration, creativity, healing, and the courage to rise. It is the medicine we need to heal ourselves and this aching world.

we are being called back home to ourselves and to each other.

We need intentional space to gather and listen to our deepest, wisest inner self. Her Sanctuary is a sacred home to connect with yourself and other women leaders so that you can find the courage to speak your voice and live as your fully expressed self.

sacred practice




“Being a part of this community I learned to listen to my body, my intuition, and to accept myself in all my messiness.”

I learned to love myself deeply and saw the ripples flow out and change my relationships and work for the better

— deanna, reiki master

online membership community

her sanctuary

Her Sanctuary is a sacred community of women devoted to their own journeys of healing and becoming. It is not a program or a course, but rather a sisterhood, a group of women gathering regularly with the intention to break ancient patterns, to let go of what longer serves us, and to redefine who we are as women and feminine leaders. 

We meet throughout the month to practice, connect, and deepen into our truth. We create a sacred container to practice devotion to our wise inner self. Her Sanctuary is a touchpoint to remember who we are. A source of authentic connection, conversation, reflection, inspiration, creativity, femininity, and liberation.

a feminine space of devotion

Here's what happens in Her Sanctuary


A sacred touchpoint.

Each month we come together as a community for Sunday Service, The Practice Ceremony, and Sister Circles. These sacred touchpoints offer you the space to breathe, slow down, and deepen into yourself. They serve as refuge from all the noise and expectations of the world. A place to hear your own voice.

the practice

Feminine spirituality. 

 The Practice is a sacred feminine system that blends spiritual teachings, deep connection, self-listening, ritual, guided meditation, music, journaling, and deep conversations. Each gathering is infused with The Practice. Together, in a circle of like-minded women, we learn to trust ourselves and find confidence in our inner wisdom so we can start living more authentic lives.


Real conversations and co-creation.

We've forgotten the art of gathering in sacred sisterhood, and we are longing for real connection. Her Sanctuary brings us back together so we can heal through each other. We co-create the space by bringing our wisdom into it. It is not about one person teaching, but rather, all of us creating and holding space together.


Sacred guidance. 

We are here to help guide you back to yourself, to your truth, and to your own inner wisdom. Her Sanctuary provides the space and guidance you need to return to who you really are. We are here to help you remember your own power so you can navigate life's challenges with courage and grace.

How It works

become a member

Join Her Sanctuary for a minimum of three months and stay for as long as your heart desires.

gather with us

Gather with us via Zoom twice a month on the new and full moon. Portland women can gather in person once a month.

stay connected

Listen to curated playlists, deepen into journal prompts. and stay connected in our private online sanctuary.

Are you ready to remember yourself?

her sanctuary will help you to...

listen to your intuition

honor your truth

trust yourself and your inner wisdom

reclaim your life

connect with women like you

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“I couldn't recall when I lost myself, but I was lost.”

In our circles I felt my boundaries that I had held up all day at work come crashing down. I was grateful for this place to lay my tired broken body and heart. I was grateful for this space where I could really be me. Being here led me to a deep awakening.

— Tara, social worker

“This community helps me feel less alone in the daily struggles we face as women. .”

 Every time I show up for myself, I feel more connected to a community of women, to my truth and how I’m engaging with the world around me.

— jadah, author of she builds

hi! I'm Michelle long, ma.,
founder of the pracitce

I've been dreaming

about this sanctuary for a long time.

For 20 years I have been holding sacred space for women and dreaming of a global practice community. I have a vision of women from all over the world gathering together in ceremony and sisterhood. I know that when women gather with intention, when we heal our wounds, and find the courage to be our true selves, we heal the world. Her Sanctuary is a feminine spiritual community, a home for our healing hearts.

more about me

Her Sanctuary is one of a kind because...

it's easy.

we don't need anything else in our lives that feels hard.

Her Sanctuary is simplicity and grace. A sacred space where all you have to do is show up. A place to come back together as women and reclaim what has been lost over generations of disconnection. It's like a church for the sacred feminine.

It's community and connection and a sense of belonging. It's music and quiet and inner reflection. It feels like a deep sigh of relief. It's a circle of women sharing stories, where you get to a be a part of the conversation. It's women supporting women and reminding each other how stunning we are. It's reverence for ourselves and the full range of being human. It is love.

our mission goes deep

While Her Sanctuary is filled with ease, our intention is profound. We show up to break ancient patterns and to rewrite the story of our female lineage. We are here to collectively rise as matriarchs and wise women, to no longer sacrifice ourselves, and to bring our fullest gifts to this earth. We know that the medicine this hurting world needs is the reclamation of the feminine and the healing of old wounds. When women heal, the world can heal. We are women stewarding a new way to live and lead.

WANT in?

Ways to 
 With us online and in person...



We offer two options to join us in our membership. 

Join us in our online sanctuary from anywhere in the world via Zoom. We meet twice monthly, on the new and full moon, for a beautiful ceremony of connection, ritual, music, and opportunities to share and reflect with each other.

In addition to gathering online with our global community, women living near our sanctuary space in West Linn (just south of Portland), can join me once a month for a very special in-person ritual.



The Practice Ceremony

Each month Michelle offers a live Practice Ceremony. This is a time to gather as a global community in sacred practice, ritual, deep conversation, and connection. This ceremony is a sacred touch point and an escape into yourself that you won't want to miss. It becomes your monthly ritual and connection with your higher self. It's a time where we get to share and connect with our community in real time. This gathering is not another online meeting or a typical class. It is sacred, devotional, and feels like coming home. Offered every New Moon from 5:00 - 6:30 pm PST via Zoom. All gatherings are recorded and available to members. Calendar of dates is here.

Here's what you get when you join...

Sunday Service

Sisterhood Check-In

Priority Invites

Throughout the year we will be announcing retreats, trainings, and opportunities to work with us in a deeper way. As a member of Her Sanctuary you will receive priority invites and discounts.

Gather with us online and deepen into our sisterhood in our private online Facebook Group. This is a place to seek support, connect, ask questions, network, and stay connected.

For women local to Portland, OR, you can upgrade to a hybrid membership, where we meet in person once a month for deep, authentic sisterhood. support, and community. We gather one Friday evening a month from 7-9pm PST. Calendar of dates is here.

Each month, on the full moon, we have a sisterhood check-in circle. This is a time to gather live, meditate, and check-in about the monthly Practice prompts. You will have time to connect deeper with your sisters and yourself. Offered every Full Moon from 10- 11am PST via Zoom. All gatherings are recorded. Calendar 0f dates is here.

Every Sunday you have the opportunity to gather with us for a live gathering. Sunday Service is a sacred touchpoint each week to connect with yourself and each other. Tune in for weekly teachings, guided meditation, reflection, and deep conversation. 

Journal Prompts + Playlists

Enjoy monthly journal prompts and The Practice playlists to help you stay connected to yourself throughout the month. 

Private Facebook Group and 24/7 Connection

In-Person Ritual for local hybrid members*

Hybrid Members!

Private Podcast! 

Listen in for private audio meditations, and practice. 

When you become a member you get access to our private podcast, filled with audio meditations, past Sunday Services, sacred practices, and more. It's like a sacred audio library that you can tune into anytime of the month to stay centered and in your practice.

plus member bonuses

select the plan that works for you:

Online Member

ceremony each
month via zoom

Sister circle each month via zoom

weekly sunday service

$97 per month

Hybrid Member

month VIA ZOOM

sister circle each month VIA ZOOM

weekly sunday service

in-person gathering one friday a month

$147 per month

her sanctuary is a
safe space

to lay down whatever you are carrying.

It's place to come to be witnessed, healed, and feel love.
It's the place we yearn for.

Meet the women...


“Being in this sisterhood has created not just ripples, but waves in my life that have resulted in lasting change and life-transformation for me. I saw the power that I host within me when I provided space for self-care, reflection, movement, and constant communion with women. I am forever changed by what this community has offered me..”

Ayshen, maternity nurse

“Michelle leads with fierce tenderness, compassion, and deep heart-knowing. She brings the spectrum of what it means to be a fully embodied woman into every aspect of her life and work.”

-Elsa Perez Dean
Intuitive Wisdom for Body+Soul

“Michelle holds a deeply sacred and loving container that is the perfect environment for healing and transformation.”


“Working with Michelle will help you align with your truth in both business and life in deeper ways than you ever have before.”

-Amy Ahlers, Author of reform The Inner Mean Girl

Frequently Asked Questions

How many months is the commitment?

There is a three-month initial committment when you become a member of Her Sanctuary. After than your payments go month to month and you can cancel anytime.

Where are the gatherings held?

All of our gatherings are held live on Zoom and in our private group, with the exception of the in-person ritual for Hybrid Members. Online gatherings are recorded and made available for members.

Is this only for women?

We welcome women of all backgrounds, abilities, and ages, including women of color, LGBTQ+ women, and anyone who identifies as female.

What if I want to continue after the three months?

After your initial three months, you are welcome to stay as long as you want. Your membership will continue monthly until you cancel it. 

Is this religious?

Her Sanctuary is not religious. We are here to support all women in remembering the sacred within, and learning to trust our own truth and inner wisdom. This is a feminine spiritual community, based on practicing devotion to our highest truth.

What time and days are the circles held?

We gather every new moon and full moon of the via Zoom + every Sunday. Check the calendar for dates and times here. Everything is recorded.

What if I don't have any experience with this kind of thing?

You don't need any experience, just an open heart, and the willingness to learn and be curious.

I'm worried I don't have time.

Making time for ourselves is the first way we can start to break patterns of self-abandonment and to heal. Is there a way you can ask for support and create the time and space you need?

her sanctuary meeting dates

March, 2023

  • Thursday, March 16 Live Orientation, 12–1 pm PST
  • Tuesday, March 21 (New Moon) The Practice Ceremony, 5-6:30 pm PST

April 2023

  • Wednesday, April 5 (Full Moon) Sisterhood Check-In, 10–11 am PST
  • Friday, April 14th (Hybrid Members) In-Person Gathering, West Linn Studio, 7–9 pm
  • Tuesday, Apr 19 (New Moon) The Practice Ceremony, 5-6:30 pm PST

May 2023

  • Friday, May 5, 2023 (Full Moon) Sisterhood Check-In, 10–11 am PST
  • Friday, May 12th (Hybrid Members) In-Person Gathering, West Linn Studio, 7–9 pm
  • Friday, May 19 (New Moon) The Practice Ceremony, 5-6:30 pm PST

June 2023

  • Saturday, June 3 (Full Moon) Sisterhood Check-In, 10–11 am PST
  • Friday, June 9 (Hybrid Members) In-Person Gathering, West Linn Studio, 7–9 pm
  • Saturday, June 17 (New Moon) The Practice Ceremony, 5-6:30 pm PST

July 2023

  • Monday, July 3 (Full Moon) Sisterhood Check In, 10–11 am PST
  • Friday, July 7 (Hybrid Members) In-Person Gathering, West Linn Studio, 7–9 pm
  • Monday, July 17 (New Moon) The Practice Ceremony, 5-6:30 pm PST

August 2023

  • Tuesday, Aug 1, 2023 (Full Moon) Sisterhood Check-In, 10–11 am PST
  • Friday, August 11 (Hybrid Members) In-Person Gathering, West Linn Studio, 7–9 pm
  • Wednesday, Aug 16 (New Moon) The Practice Ceremony, 5-6:30 pm PST

select the plan that works for you:

Online Member

 ceremony each month via zoom

sister circle 1x/month via zoom

weekly sunday service

$97 per month

Hybrid Member

month VIA ZOOM


weekly sunday service

in-person gathering ONe friday a month

$147 per month

Still on

the fence?

We get it. We want to make sure all your questions are answered and you are a full body YES before you join us. Send us a note below and we will respond ASAP. We are here to support you.

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