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Women need each other.

The Community Space is a private and free group offered for us to gather, connect, and learn.

Join us in our private Facebook group, to connect with yourself and a sacred community of women devoted to their truth. This is a free offering with the intention to gather women from all over the world in devotion to ourselves. For too long women have been living for everyone else and putting themselves last. Lets talk about how to change these patterns and become the women we truly are.

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Once a month gather with us a live for The Practice Pop-Up and training led by Michelle.

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The Community Space is offered in our private online group. We'd love for you to join us. We also offer free transformational workshops, and lots of inspiration.

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“The depth and quality of Michelle’s guided meditations pierced bullshit walls and got to my core in a way that was gentle and fierce and so so useful. When I focus the loving attention I can and do give others upon myself, and learn how within a group of accepting and loving women, it’s an incredible experience of profound acceptance and my higher self feels nourished and capable.”