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The Maui Retreat

The Practice Maui Retreat

March 17-21, 2022


Every woman has a voice inside her that knows her truth. It’s a feeling that somehow knows the way, the next step, and the direction you need to go. It’s that nudge that pulls you closer to your dreams, closer to love, and closer to yourself. It’s that feeling in your belly that you are in the right place. It’s your intuition, your inner knowing, and your inner guide. She always knows the way.

The problem is we can’t often hear Her.

Our lives are full of distractions, noise, and responsibilities. We get lost in all the shoulds and expectations. We get buried in the busyness of everyday tasks, and we forget to listen to Her. Or maybe it’s too noisy to hear Her at all.

And then we get lost. We end up heading in some other direction. We wind up pursuing dreams that are not ours. We live for other people’s voices.

But what if we stop?
To listen to Her?
To honor Her?
To follow Her?
Where would we end up then?
In love.
In light.
In courage.
In freedom.
In peace.
In calm.
She knows the way there.
All we need is space.
And quiet.
And connection.
This is the gift of The Practice Maui Retreat.
I invite you to join me there.

xoxo, Michelle Long (Founder of The Practice)

The Invitation

For 5 days and 4 nights, you will have the space to finally hear your own voice. You will have the time to let go and breathe. The ocean will sing you to sleep. The sun will bathe you in light. You will have a circle to hold you, and women to witness you. You will have the gift of returning home to yourself.

Sometimes it takes stopping and going far away from our daily lives to see ourselves from a new perspective. It takes slowing down and creating space. And maybe a little sunshine and magic to see the way forward. Imagine the clarity you will find after 5 days of sacred space, sand, and sisterhood.

The Place

Maui is a sacred and mystical place that allows us to immediately drop into ourselves and let go of anything holding us back. We will stay in a private villa in Keihe, steps away from the beach. The villa is designed for goddesses. It has ocean views, a private pool and hotub, spacious bedrooms, a glorious lanai, gardens, and a stunning rooftop deck for sister circles and yoga under the stars. We will live like the queens we for a week in paradise!

The Practice

Each morning we will have time together in sisterhood and circle. The Practice founder, Michelle Long, will guide you through a morning of deep connection, conversation, feminine yoga, and ritual. She will lead you deeper and deeper into yourself, so that you can hear your inner wisdom, and find the courage to honor your truth. Through Michelle’s wisdom and guidance and the support of the sisterhood, you feel whole again.

In the evening enjoy candle lit yoga to unwind from the day and prepare your body for restful sleep. Dina Varellas, yoga teacher and Practice goddess, will then offer to those interested in an option to dive even deeper with a guided meditative journey. Wake refreshed and join us for an oceanfront morning meditation.

You will leave Maui feeling like yourself again.

The Sisterhood

Nothing is better than a trip away with women you love. The Practice Maui Retreat will be your ultimate women’s getaway! Sleepovers, dinners, and conversations by the sea. Late night ocean dipping, laughter, and play. Circles, tears, deep connection, and shared wisdom. Yoga, meditation, sleeping in, and walks on the beach.

You will remember who you truly are.

This is the perfect opportunity to grab a friend and carve out sacred time together.

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