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Every woman has a sacred longing to fully live.

We've been taught to live our lives for everyone else. To give ourselves away and turn off our dreams and desires. It's time to let go, to re-write your story, and become alive again . Join me and thousands of women devoted to living lives we actually want.

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Now is your time.

I see you. You are done. Done living in a way that doesn’t feel true. Done pretending. Done sacrificing. Done being sad and sick and broken. You have had enough and you are no longer willing to live this way anymore. You are ready to find your true self and chart a new path forward. 

You have been awakened. There’s a fire burning inside of you, a desire to live a different way. There is a calling from your soul, an inner drumbeat inviting you to step forward into who you truly are.  There’s a sense of urgency to change your life and emerge as your fully expressed self. The only problem is, you don't have a map to follow or a guide to show you the way. 

Welcome home Sister. The Practice is that map, and I would be honored to be your guide.

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dear woman,

xx, Michelle

A sacred practice that is feminine, not patriarchal. A radical path back to yourself.  A blend of self-devotion, embodiment, and deep soul and lineage healing. A movement of women healing and rising through the power of sisterhood, connection, and commitment to who we truly are. A practice to fully live.

The practice is

Hi, I’m Michelle. Your Soul Midwife.

I've supported thousands of women as they step into their truth and claim the life they desire.  I owned a healing center for women for ten years, I've been leading transformational programs and circles for twenty, and I offer life-changing programs and a free online weekly Sunday Service to women all over the world.  

I’m here to help women remember our power and heal our wounded feminine lineages. I'm building a movement that will transform the world. ⁠

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you are here because...

You are at the edge of transformation.

You no longer fit in the patriarchal box you've been raised in. There is an undeniable change and you've been awakened. But awakened to what? How do you build and create a different kind of life? What does your truest self want, and who are you really? The Practice guides you back to a more authentic life.

I want you to know...

You don't have to live the way the world tells you to.

As women we've been conditioned to live for everyone else, to check all the boxes, and do what we are supposed to. But we are waking up to this lie. I am here to hold the vision for you for what is possible. To help you see your true self and emerge as the woman you know you really are. 

your life is at a turning point

Start here...

The Sunday Service

The Sunday Service is a sacred touch point where we come together as women to remember our truth. Offered every Sunday in our online sanctuary, we get quiet, dive underneath the chaos, and listen to our own voice. We refuel and reclaim our lives through deep guided meditation, journaling, and connection. We gain inspiration to step more fully into who we truly are and lead with devotion to ourselves.

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A free weekly online gathering

Want to dive deeper?

3-month online immersion

sisterhood and transformation

The Emergence

The Practice® Emergence is a 3-month deep dive into yourself. Through spiritual mentorship and supportive sisterhood, you will find the clarity and courage to reclaim your life and lead the way your soul is calling you.

An immersive circle of sisterhood steeped in feminine spirituality, connection, ritual, and transformation.  Become a part of a sacred community of women meeting in person weekly.

The Portland Circle

Offered quarterly in our sanctuary near Portland, Oregon. Gather with us for a cozy weekend to slow down and create space for you. These retreats are a homecoming with yourself and a reunion with the women in our community.

The Homecoming Retreats

this is your time.

the perfect weekend getaway.

Here are all the ways to practice with me both in person and online

in-Person quarterly retreats

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A cathartic experience of ritual and connection; a blend of feminine spirituality, self-devotion, and a deep sense of sisterhood. These intimate gatherings are offered once a month in West Linn, Oregon. They are the perfect way to drop in and get a taste of The Practice. 

The Ritual

The Practice Sacred Leadership and Facilitator training is a 9-month leadership counsel for women ready to lead in a new way. Learn to weave the teachings of The Practice into your work, community, and everyday life. Learn a new system of feminine spirituality and see the your work through a different lens. Deepen into yourself, learn to hold space for other women, to lead circle, and to courageously pioneer a new wave of feminine leadership, one where women are in the lead. 

The Training

coming in 2023!

monthly in person gatherings

online + in Person facilitator and leadership training

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giving back

When girls rise, we all rise.

We are all in this together. The Practice is here to support women, and girls, rising into their true potential. A portion of our profits gives back to Girl Up, a global movement “advancing girls' skills, rights, and opportunities to be leaders.”


Love Notes


“I’ve been a part of Michelle’s programs for ten years, and every time I show up for myself, I feel more connected to a community of women, to my truth, and how I’m leading in my business and family.”

Jadah Sellner, Founder of

“Michelle leads with fierce tenderness, compassion, and deep heart-knowing. She brings the spectrum of what it means to be a fully embodied woman into every aspect of her life and work.”

-Elsa Perez Dean
Intuitive Wisdom for Body+Soul

“Michelle holds a deeply sacred and loving container that is the perfect environment for healing and transformation.”


“Working with Michelle will help you align with your truth in both business and life in deeper ways than you ever have before.”

-Amy Ahlers, Author of The Inner Mean Girl

I am here to support you.

Ready to change your life?

We are now enrolling for The Practice® programs
both online and in person.

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The Sunday Service

Join us live on Sundays at 9am PST

Sign up for guided meditations, connection, and deep conversations with Michelle Long, MA. Recordings available.

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