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The Practice  is a sacred feminine system to help you reclaim your life.

If you are a soulful woman who has lost your sense of self and too often sacrifices your health and happiness for others, then you are in the right place. 

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Vow to never abandon yourself again.

I see you. You are a woman devoted to her work, family, community, and leadership. You weave and hold worlds together, and in so doing you often abandon your own needs. For too long you’ve been leading from depletion, exhaustion, and burn-out. You’ve lost a sense of who you are, and you are at a breaking point.

There’s an ache in your soul, a quiet drumbeat calling you forward into the unknown. There’s a sense of urgency to live and lead differently. You know that the way you are living is not sustainable, and in order to show up as the woman you are called to be and to meet your fullest potential, you have to make a radical change. You are ready to take back your life and finally live you truth.

Welcome home Sister. You are not alone. Your story is my story. 

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dear woman,

xx, Michelle

 Through connection, women's circles, ritual, and movement, we find the courage to break ancient patterns, put ourselves first, and live from the feminine,  so we can show up fully and meet this critical moment in time.

The practice is

Hi, I’m Michelle. Your Soul Midwife.

I've led thousands of women back to themselves and to a truer life. As a devoted business owner and mother of two teenagers, I know what it’s like to hold the weight of multiple worlds, and how easy it is to abandon yourself in the overwhelm.

Through my own transformation and 20 years of working closely with women, I developed The Practice®, a sacred system that teaches women how to reclaim their lives and live without self-sacrifice.

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you are here because...

You know now is the time to change.

The world is rapidly transforming and women are feeling a call to live and lead differently. There is deep stir inside of us, an awakening happening. We know it's time to step up, prioritize ourselves, and rise to meet this moment.

when we heal, the world will heal.

Breaking ancient  patterns is our sacred practice. 

Women are the mothers of the world but we are wounded. We've inherited patterns of self-abandonment and worthlessness from the generations before us.  It's our time to break these patterns, speak up, and start living our truth. The world will only change when we stop dismissing ourselves. 

the world is at a turning point

Start here...

The Sunday Service

The Sunday Service is a sacred touch point where we come together as women to remember our truth. Offered every Sunday in our online sanctuary, we get quiet, dive underneath the chaos, and listen to our own voice. We refuel and reclaim our lives through deep guided meditation, journaling, and connection. We gain inspiration to step more fully into who we truly are and lead with devotion to ourselves.

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A free weekly online gathering

offered in person and online

The Practice

The Practice® is a sacred transformational system. It's a blend of feminine spirituality, life guidance, ritual, movement, and deeply connected sisterhood. It’s reclamation process that will help you take back your life. If you are leading from depletion and you desire to break old patterns and stop giving your life away, then this is for you. We offer various programs both online and in person near Portland, Oregon. Join us.

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The Retreats

Sometimes it takes stopping and going far away from our daily lives to see ourselves from a new perspective. It takes slowing down and creating space. The Practice retreats are a way to reconnect with yourself, gain clarity, and enjoy deep soulful sisterhood in magical places. Join Michelle for very personal and intimate retreat experiences in Oregon, California, and Hawaii.

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Move, pray, and connect like a woman

giving back

When girls rise, we all rise.

We are all in this together. The Practice is here to support women, and girls, rising into their true potential. A portion of our profits gives back to Girl Up, a global movement “advancing girls' skills, rights, and opportunities to be leaders.”


Love Notes


“I’ve been a part of Michelle’s programs for ten years, and every time I show up for myself, I feel more connected to a community of women, to my truth, and how I’m leading in my business and family.”

Jadah Sellner, Founder of

“Michelle leads with fierce tenderness, compassion, and deep heart-knowing. She brings the spectrum of what it means to be a fully embodied woman into every aspect of her life and work.”

-Elsa Perez Dean
Intuitive Wisdom for Body+Soul

“Michelle holds a deeply sacred and loving container that is the perfect environment for healing and transformation.”


“Working with Michelle will help you align with your truth in both business and life in deeper ways than you ever have before.”

-Amy Ahlers, Author of The Inner Mean Girl

I am here to support you.

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The Sunday Service

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