The Practice retreats

Connect with your deeper calling and inner knowing.

Gather with us in beautiful places to slow down and create space for you.  Join an intimate group of women walking the same path back home to themselves.


Every woman has a voice inside her that knows her truth. The problem is we often can’t hear our own voice. Our lives are full of distractions, noise, and responsibilities. 

Women leaders need time to step away from their everyday life. We need to be held and nourished and taken care of. We need space to lean back and surrender, to let go of the weight, and feel ourselves again. We need nourishment in the deepest sense. Sisterhood and solitude. Quiet connection. Nature and movement.

The Practice is stepping away and letting someone else take the lead for a little while.

Ready to escape with us?

We get buried in the busyness of everyday tasks, and we forget to listen to our deepest knowing and inner callings.

The Maui Retreat 
March 17-21, 2022

Maui is a sacred and mystical place that allows you to immediately drop into yourself and let go of anything holding you back.

For 5 days and 4 nights, you will have the space to finally hear your own voice. The sun will bathe you in light. The ocean will sing you to sleep. A private chef will feed you, and Michelle will guide you.

Through connection, deep conversation, feminine yoga, and ritual, Michelle will lead you deep into yourself, so that you can hear your inner wisdom, and find the courage to honor your truth. Through Michelle’s wisdom and guidance and the support of the sisterhood, you will feel whole again.


What you can expect at The Practice Retreats:

Depth, clarity, and transformation.

You will feel complete, courageous, and connected.

An up-leveling of yourself that will carry through in your work, relationships, and family forever.

It will feel like pure magic.

You will remember what it feels like to be you.

The Portland Retreat
Summer 2022

Nothing is more beautiful than summers in Portland, Oregon. There are rivers and vineyards and forests and lakes. The air is clean and everything is in bloom. 

Nature has a way of calling you closer to yourself with long, lingering nights and sparkly mornings. Join Michelle on her magical private land for a very intimate weekend gathering.

We will drop into ourselves and each other, move our bodies to amazing music, cry, and let go of everything we are holding onto. We will explore a local vineyard, find solace in each other, and remember who we truly are.

This event is perfect for women who desire a quick getaway, and a deep dive into clarity and reflection. 


“The Practice Retreat in Maui was, simply put, pure magic.

It’s really hard to put into words all the feels and emotions experienced and witnessed in others. It was divine timing for this sacred circle at this particular location at this exact moment in time—everything aligned perfectly.”

“I have so much gratitude for these women who loved, supported, and witnessed my journey inward.


Reconnecting with this community on retreat is just what my soul needed! It's been a wild and wonderful reminder of how quickly strangers can become family when your intentions are aligned.”

“So much gratitude to this circle of extraordinary women who filled my heart with so much joy, comfort and inspiration.


My life is forever changed after experiencing this incredible retreat. Love you all so much.”

“Thank you for this beautiful grounding experience. Michelle’s voice and soft energy were perfect.” 



A woman

in harmony

where she will

and arrives at her destination prepared

to be herself

-Maya Angelou

without pretense

and only herself.

In the meantime, 

If you can’t escape for an in-person retreat, join me in The Practice Circle. Our time together will change your life. I promise.

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