Reclaim your energy, creativity, and inner truth. 

The Practice® Initiation is a 3-month deep dive into yourself. Through spiritual mentorship and supportive sisterhood, you will find the clarity and courage to reclaim your life and lead the way your soul is calling you.

The PracticE Initiation
with Michelle Long, MA

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The Practice Initiation is for women who have been called to rise into their power and give their gifts to the world. It’s for women leaders, business owners, healers, and change agents who are ready to shatter the illusion that the only way to do business, create, serve, and live as a woman is to sacrifice our health and happiness.

This journey is for women who are ready to step into the next version of themselves. Women who are done following the map our society has laid out for us. Done being quiet, and nice, and sweet, and perfectly kept, and available all the time for everyone else. Done putting themselves last. Women who want to stop leading from depletion and burn-out and build their lives and careers in a way that matches their truth.

If this feels like you, then you are in the right place. Welcome home.

Now is the time to take back your life.  

For too long you’ve abandoned yourself and your truth. 

“The Practice taught me to listen to my body, intuition, and accept myself in all my messiness. I learned to love myself deeply and saw the ripples flow out and change my relationships and work for the better.”

- deanna, energy healer

Collectively, as women, we’ve inherited patterns of over-giving, over-responsibility, and self-abandonment.

We don’t believe we are worthy or that we are good enough. We don’t trust ourselves and our own innate wisdom. These limiting beliefs and ancient patterns live deep in our DNA as women. Our mothers were taught by their mothers who were taught by their mothers. These feminine patterns go way back and are the reason we feel disconnected from ourselves and lead from depletion.

It’s not your faulT.

We are in this together.

The Practice is one-of-a-kind because…

It’s a feminine spiritual system that teaches us how to lead and serve in a way that is regenerative for ourselves and our world.

The systems we learn and heal in, such as school, church, business, and even therapy were all designed through the lens of the patriarchy. Women have never been taught how to lead or work in a way that honors our bodies and our innate wisdom. We take care of those we serve, but we've never been taught to prioritize ourselves, or devote our lives to our own well-being. We’ve never been guided to listen to our inner truth and deepest knowing. The Practice teaches us to do this. It shows us how to lead while honoring who we truly are.

The Practice® rewires our beliefs and breaks ancient patterns so we can finally live free.

Women are naturally the spiritual and emotional leaders of our families and communities. If we are burnt out, broken, and depleted trying to lead our children into the future, then we are adding to the problem. We are then only creating more anxiety, more uncertainty, and more unfulfillment. The Practice teaches women to put ourselves first, in service of those we love and the world we live in. We are the mothers of the world, and we need to show up fully nourished and fully expressed so that we can authentically care for the ones we love and serve. It's time to stop passing down the brutal legacy of martyrdom, and pioneer a new way of living and leading as women.

“The Practice changed my life because I no longer seek others for my answers, but instead listen to my powerful source of inner wisdom and guidance. As a result of this experience, I'm more grounded and centered in my life and feel I can show up as my full authentic self without worrying what others will think.”  

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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How we Practice
and how we Lead...

Put yourself

sacred listening

feminine embodiment

Supportive sisterhood

soul leadership

self devotion

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The Practice is deep reverence for who you truly are and a sacred commitment to yourself.

The Practice is listening to that ache or nudge deep within your body that we often ignore.

The Practice is remembering the temple you live in and caring for your body with reverence and respect. 

Through our stories we remember where we came from and inspire each other into new possibilities.

The Practice is leading your life and making decisions from your soul’s truth.

To follow the deeper callings in our heart.

To break ancient patterns that keep us living small.

To work in a way that matches our capacity and truth.

To lead with depth and devotion to ourselves.

To stop giving away our power.

To lead without sacrifice.

Why we practice...

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To set boundaries that free us.

To find the strength and courage to live our truth.

To stop passing down the legacy of martyrdom.

To re-write the rules and change the paradigm we live in as women.

To remember that community and sisterhood are salve for our wounds and salvation for our spirits.












Imagine if for the next three months you had the support to bring your own needs into the foreground. Imagine if you had the tools to help you find yourself again, to help you trust, release, and become more of who you are. Imagine connecting with other women in a safe container where you can explore the depths and raw parts of yourself that often stay in the shadows. Imagine finding the courage to finally put yourself first.

The Practice will give you your life back

Women need each other.

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Part 1.
Death and Dissolution

What needs to die for you to truly live? What do you need to let go of so you can fully bring your gifts into the world? Who are you now and who are you called to become? In the first part of The Practice we will dive deep and look at what needs to change, and how to release the burdens of self-sacrifice.

the practice process:

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Part 2.
Going all the Way In

In The Practice you carve out time each week to go all the way into yourself. You will listen deeply to your truth and what it is your soul feels called to do. You get honest about what is real for you. You touch the darkness, the grief, the pain, and the conflict, so you can come out stronger and more clear about who you are and how you want to lead.

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Part 3.
Rewiring and

We have all been conditioned to see the world and ourselves a certain way. We've inherited wounds and unhealthy patterns from our mothers and grandmothers. In The Practice we heal these ancient wounds and rewire our belief systems so that we can lead and serve from a more empowered, capable sense of self.

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Part 4. 
Healing and Integration

Healing takes time and space. We will heal together through conversation, sacred feminine practices, journaling, and meditation. You will have the support to integrate all of your newfound wisdom and healing so that you can take action to change your life. Integration is important before going back out into the world as your new and more grounded self.

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Part 5.
Soul Leadership

Soul Leadership is leading your life and making decisions from your soul’s truth. You will surrender to what’s real for you, what your heart is longing for, and what your body needs, and then redesign your life to match.  Soul leadership is becoming the leader of your own life. You will own your decisions, take inspired action, and lead from a place of care and intention. You will bring your gifts to the world in a new way and become the leader you are called to be.

“The thing I love the most about The Practice is hearing other woman leaders say out loud their thoughts of shame, guilt or failure which I had thought ONLY I suffered from. The freedom that comes from knowing I am not alone is more powerful than any other one thing.”

- sophie, mother and social activist

After this past year of the pandemic, political unrest, and disruption of our lives, we have been forever changed.

We’re being shown a choice between the old way of living and being, and a new way that is asking to be born. I believe that we are living in a time of great transformation, healing, and possibility. 

Our voices are needed. Women are change agents and leaders of this great transformation, but we can’t do this important healing work if we are hiding and living small. It’s time to liberate ourselves and start speaking in our true voices. It’s time to open our souls and connect fully with our feminine wisdom so we can shine as the women we are called to be. If you know you are meant to live and lead in a different way, and you desire deep inner and outer change so your life matches your truth, then you are in the right place.

Now is the time to make a change.

a message from Michelle

A little bit more about me…

I opened a women's healing center in 2011.

Even though I was yoga teacher and had a Master's degree in Holistic Health Education, I quickly fell into patterns of over-giving and over-responsibility. Self-abandonment and self-sacrifice came way too easily to me. I had been conditioned my whole life to give myself away. 

And it’s been a hard road. I have battled with chronic illness, grief, loss, and severe worry. 

For the past decade, I’ve been working to break these ancient patterns, and live a healthy, aligned, and fully expressed life. I'm now devoted to my business and giving my gifts to the world in a way that matches my capacity and honors my truth. I am committed to living without self-sacrifice and building a community of women leaders who put themselves at the center of their own lives. 

There’s no doubt that we are living through tough times. 

Everything is uncertain right now. That is precisely why we need to be stepping into our truth and taking care of ourselves in the deepest way. The world needs us to be well-nourished, wide awake, and living our callings.

For the world to change, we need to change. When we heal, the world will heal. I’m devoted to helping women leaders break old patterns and step into their deepest truths. I’m here to help you listen to your truth, find the courage to make change, and build a life and career that matches who you truly are. 

The Practice is radical because it’s about putting ourselves first, in service of those we love and the world we live in.

20 years of experience teaching and guiding women back to themselves. I’ve helped thousands of women live deeper, more connected and inspired lives.

An extensive, grounded education. I have a Master’s degree in Holistic Health Education and years of yoga, life coaching, and spiritual training. My teachings and offerings are rooted in scholarship and a broad understanding of women, health, and spirituality. 

Experience with women. I owned and ran a women's healing center for 10 years. I understand what women need. I’ve had the honor of witnessing thousands of women as they moved through their own healing journeys—the grit, the pain, and the beauty. 

My personal journey. I’ve walked my own personal journey from self-abandonment to self-devotion. I’ve lived through grief and hardship as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and an entrepreneur. I weave worlds together.

I live The Practice. What I’m teaching is a way of life, and I’m committed to what I teach both in the circles I lead, and in every moment of my personal and professional life. I am committed to listening to my truth and living a life that reflects who I truly am.

What I bring to this program...

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“I wasn’t sure that I could commit to something every week, and was fearful that I’d feel guilty for taking time for myself. Ultimately, I decided to give myself the gift of time. Time to pay attention to my own needs. Time to open up and connect with other women leaders. Time to be honest about what I needed to discover myself again. I realized that I could only do this in the safe space that an ongoing practice could create.”

- Kim, profesional writer

We are women leaders who understand that the world is at a turning point, and it is critical for us to be well-nourished and wide awake to help the planet heal.

We place ourselves at the center of our own world.

We trust ourselves and find guidance from within.

We are deeply devoted to our own personal and spiritual growth.

We live from truth instead of fear.

We don’t compromise our values.

Who we practice to become

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We believe in the power of connection and sisterhood.

We are not afraid to invest in our own becoming.

We are leaders redefining modern womanhood.











Leave toxic relationships.
Open and close businesses.
Seek help and support.

For 12 weeks we weave our way through what I call the Arc of Feminine Transformation™. We deepen into who we are, discover where we are disconnected, and do the work to change. We sink into our truth, practice listening to our intuition and inner voice, and honor the calling in our hearts. We leave the 12 weeks with a new perspective, clarity on what and how to change, and courage to put our own needs first.

I’ve seen women transform their lives and…

Relocate to a more aligned place.
Speak truth to power.
Create boundaries.

How it Works

Break ancient matrilineal patterns.
Change their name.
Go back to school.

Finally put down the mask they have been hiding behind.

The Practice

Once a week we offer mentorship and sister circles. This is a time to connect deeply with the other women in our community and receive reflection and personal guidance. You will have time to dive deep into your personal situation and get to the root of what needs to shift for you to transform and grow. Being witnessed by women on the same path is a powerful way to move through blocks and barriers. These are drop-in circles happening every week to give you the most support possible.

What you get...

Sister Circles

Each week you receive a recording of The Practice. There are 12 videos that walk you through the arc of feminine transformation. The recordings can be watched on your own time. This is where you deepen into yourself through reflection, meditation, and embodiment practices. Handouts, book suggestions, and journal prompts will come with each Practice session.  

Monthly Devotional Gatherings

Each month we gather as a collective for our devotional retreat. Offered virtually on the second Saturday of each month, the gatherings give you time to drop into the teachings of The Practice in the deepest way. Michelle will guide you on a journey of meditation, reflection, ritual, and connection with the other women in our sisterhood. This is a sacred touch point and an escape into yourself that you won't want to miss. It becomes your monthly ritual of connection with your higher self. It's a time where we practice embodying what we are learning and connecting with our community. This gathering is not just another zoom meeting or a typical class. It is a sacred space of devotion, and feels like coming home.

Leadership Development

Each month Michelle offers a live Leadership Development Workshop. This is a time to look deeply at how to weave the teachings and philosophy of The Practice specifically into your expression of work, business, and leadership. It's a time to explore how to reclaim your own sense of self and become fully expressed in your leadership. These meetings are rich in leadership lessons, reflection, personal mentorship, and more practice.

Community access 24/7

Join us in our private Facebook group for conversations and connection. This is the best way we’ve found to share resources and stay connected as we deepen together. 

Women need sacred community, trustworthy mentorship, and sisterhood, because we are not meant to do this life alone.

It’s a very personal, intimate program that will change the way you think and the way you live.

The Practice is for women who are ready to make change and stop self- sacrificing. We go deep and we are not afraid to touch the tender parts. Expect some tears, breakthroughs, grief, grace, and unraveling of old parts to find the true you. The Practice is real, deep, and moving.

Because we are in community and are moving through The Practice together, we transform quickly. The energy of a group holding each other and processing together is profound, and the same quality and depth cannot be accessed through individual therapy or coaching.

The Practice is an investment in yourself. It is priced to inspire you to show up for yourself. For too long I’ve watched women sign up for classes and programs, pay the money, and not show up. This program is for women who are ready to show up and commit to a new way of living and leading. Over the 3-month program, make yourself a priority, sink into sisterhood, and release the burdens and resentment that have been holding you back.

The Practice is an initiation into a higher version of yourself.

Are you ready to say yes to yourself?

“Being in The Practice has created not just ripples, but waves in my life that have resulted in lasting change and life-transformation for me. I saw the power that I host within me when I provided space for self-care, reflection, movement, and constant communion with women. I am forever changed by the work The Practice has offered me.”

- Ayshen, Maternity nurse

“I joined The Practice, a circle of women I barely knew, and I felt my boundaries that I had held up all day at work come crashing down. 

I was grateful for this space to bring my tired broken body and heart. I was grateful for Michelle for leading a circle in this way and for the space she created where I could really be me. I noticed I didn't have a place to feel my feelings. I couldn't recall when I lost myself, but I was lost.
The circle allowed me to fully enter the dark. I was held in my darkness. The Practice led me to a deep awakening.”

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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The Practice

You are in a leadership position in your work, business, or community 

You have trouble committing to what you sign up for and you tend to not finish what you start.

You've been on the personal development/spiritual path for a while and want to go deeper.

You don’t feel like you are allowed to do something like this.

You feel a sense of urgency to make a change and step more into your truth as a leader.

You don’t believe you are worth the money and the time.

is perfect

for you if...

The Practice

is not the

right fit for you if...

You are not afraid of deep inner work and looking at yourself for real.

You are fully committed to yourself and readyto make an investment in your growth

You’ve never done any personal development, therapy, coaching, or spiritual exploration.

You are not interested in connecting authentically with yourself and other women.

Success Stories

jackie, women's circle facilitator

“Before The Practice I was exhausted and overwhelmed from years of working in a way that didn’t allow me to be who I truly am. All I wanted to do was run away. 

Yet, as I allowed my true self to emerge I found The Practice calling me on a deeper level. Any fears, shame, or loneliness that I carried around with me were allowed to be witnessed and held without judgment. Any unworthiness or doubt that I felt about myself began to drip away as I opened up and let my voice be heard. My life has been truly transformed because of it. ” 

dina, Writer and yoga teacher

heather, mom and business owner

“The Practice has been deeply ingrained as a piece of my healing.

“The Practice taught me how to hold space for others, and break patterns I don't want to pass onto my daugthers.

I was unsure at first, but in need of connection and community. I wanted a place to call home. Little did I know that The Practice would lead me back home—the home within. The home that never leaves us, we only get disconnected from our truest self. The Practice helped to hold my hand and guide me back home to me, my one true love.”

The Practice was a safe space and container that allowed me to feel, open myself up, and gave me assurance that I was going to be okay. Every time I showed up, I gained more knowledge on how to be a better, more aligned version of myself. I credit The Practice on my journey to becoming a certified yoga instructor, and now a business owner in the yoga space."

This could be you....

akiko, mother and community leader

elsa, teacher and nutritionist

“The Practice helped me sort out my thoughts on my life. It’s been instrumental in my recovery from depression.

“When I first met Michelle, I entered the Practice a tired, resentful woman after years of pushing through the world playing by the old patriarchal rules.

I’m now fearless of sharing what’s on my mind. The fear of being vulnerable is gone. It’s empowering! I love that my restored positive energy is back and is infectious with my family and clients. The Practice is like taking a small vacation every week to make yourself be a better person.”

I emerged a stronger, softer feminine leader. Michelle creates a beautiful and nourishing container that allows each woman to feel safe, to let down the armor and the masks to reclaim the fullness of who you are. She gently but firmly guides you back to your center. In the Practice, I reclaimed my softness, my fiery passion, and deeper trust in myself. Michelle holds the mirror for you to do the same.”

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