You were born for this moment in time.

The world is rapidly transforming and women are needed on the front lines to be midwives for our collective re-birth. Your true voice and authentic self are needed more than ever. Now is the time to step forward into the woman and leader you know you are called to be.

The Sacred Leadership and Facilitator Training

The Practice Sacred Leadership and Facilitator training is a 6-month leadership counsel for women ready to lead in a new way. Learn to weave the teachings of The Practice into your work, community, and everyday life. Learn a new system of feminine spirituality and see the your work through a different lens. Deepen into yourself, learn to hold space for other women, to lead circle, and to courageously pioneer a new wave of feminine leadership, one where women are in the lead. 

It's time to liberate the gifts in your heart and start speaking your true voice.

it's time to step into your next level of feminine leadership.

We start Spring 2023

And because you are here,

A Sacred Leadership Training by Women for Women.
Put your name on the waitlist. We start Spring 2023.

I trust you are ready to live and lead from this source of wisdom.

Success Stories

jackie, women's circle facilitator

“Before The Practice I was exhausted and overwhelmed from years of working in a way that didn’t allow me to be who I truly am. All I wanted to do was run away. 

Yet, as I allowed my true self to emerge I found The Practice calling me on a deeper level. Any fears, shame, or loneliness that I carried around with me were allowed to be witnessed and held without judgment. Any unworthiness or doubt that I felt about myself began to drip away as I opened up and let my voice be heard. My life has been truly transformed because of it. ” 

dina, Writer and yoga teacher

heather, mom and business owner

“The Practice has been deeply ingrained as a piece of my healing.

“The Practice taught me how to hold space for others, and break patterns I don't want to pass onto my daugthers.

I was unsure at first, but in need of connection and community. I wanted a place to call home. Little did I know that The Practice would lead me back home—the home within. The home that never leaves us, we only get disconnected from our truest self. The Practice helped to hold my hand and guide me back home to me, my one true love.”

The Practice was a safe space and container that allowed me to feel, open myself up, and gave me assurance that I was going to be okay. Every time I showed up, I gained more knowledge on how to be a better, more aligned version of myself. I credit The Practice on my journey to becoming a certified yoga instructor, and now a business owner in the yoga space."

This could be you....

akiko, mother and community leader

elsa, teacher and nutritionist

“The Practice helped me sort out my thoughts on my life. It’s been instrumental in my recovery from depression.

“When I first met Michelle, I entered the Practice a tired, resentful woman after years of pushing through the world playing by the old patriarchal rules.

I’m now fearless of sharing what’s on my mind. The fear of being vulnerable is gone. It’s empowering! I love that my restored positive energy is back and is infectious with my family and clients. The Practice is like taking a small vacation every week to make yourself be a better person.”

I emerged a stronger, softer feminine leader. Michelle creates a beautiful and nourishing container that allows each woman to feel safe, to let down the armor and the masks to reclaim the fullness of who you are. She gently but firmly guides you back to your center. In the Practice, I reclaimed my softness, my fiery passion, and deeper trust in myself. Michelle holds the mirror for you to do the same.”